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Private lessons are the single best way for students to improve in their music-making endeavors!


All saxophone lessons are catered to the individual and focus around the core fundamentals of breathing, tone production and quality, intonation, technique, understanding and accuracy of rhythm, sight–reading, critical listening, reed maintenance, instrument tendencies, practice and performance methods, repertoire style and interpretation, and application of music theory and history.


Additionally, lessons allow for an environment that is much more exploratory and experimental in nature as compared to the typical classroom setting. Students are encouraged to discover new repertoire and resources, experiment with various approaches to music-making, and push their limits toward the ultimate goal of independence. In these lessons, my students and I explore new music together and push each other through the assimilation process, trying out new ways of conveying greater musical meaning and communication.


Students are sometimes overwhelmed by the deeper study of a musical instrument and so I feel that it is my duty as an educator to exemplify a steadfast work ethic, positive attitude, a love and passion for the music-making process, and an inviting relationship marked with open-mindedness and trust.


In an ever-increasingly competitive job market for future musicians, I feel it imperative that my students are multi-faceted in their skill sets. Future music educators must be able to not only model on their respective instruments, but explain clearly and concisely the fundamental principles of music and music-making. Students who wish to have a career filled with performance engagements must have a solid background in a wide variety of musical styles and genres, from Baroque to today’s popular music, as well as experience with improvisation, a strong sight-reading ability, and the ability to double on other woodwind instruments. All of these supplemental skills stem from a well-developed ear and sound knowledge of music theory.


Private Saxophone Lessons || Canyon/Amarillo Area


Not in the area? Contact me about Skype lessons, available anywhere internationally!